The zenith luminance (Lzenith) is 4092 cd/m2. This has been chosen in order to obtain a horizontal illuminance (E) of 10000 lux in the unobstructed field.


For each example the following views are currently offered:

  1. Perspective across the room length
  2. Cross-section rendering
  3. View looking towards the floor
  4. Elevation of side wall
  5. Elevation of the rear wall (showing the door)
  6. False color image (same viewpoint as [2]) showing luminances
  7. Daylight factor distribution on the workplane (plan view, at 0.8 meters above floor)
  8. Daylight factor distribution on the workplace (cross-section, at 0.8 meters above the floor)
By selecting one of the views you can see an enlarged image.

All simulations and calculations have been done using the Radiance Synthetic Imaging System.


Jan Diepens