Daylight Design Variations Book

The Daylight Design Variations Book is a project that will be developed into a full blown tool for designing daylight openings (windows, rooflights, sheds, etc). The objective is to show a large number of daylight openings and their impact on a space.

The project is in an early stage and is far from complete. At the present time only one type of space is used. Future versions will also include other spaces and more complex daylight systems. These web pages show the current development.

We welcome all your comments, suggestions and contributions.

 Development Team:
Jan Diepens
Ferry Bakker
Laurens Zonneveldt

 Parts that are currently available:

  1. Overview of the various locations for daylight openings
  2. Tool for comparing two different daylight opening location
  3. Effects of the interior finish on the daylight distribution
  4. Examples out of the real world


Last Update: 25 October 2000

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