Schröder house, Utrecht, Netherlands 1924
Gerrit Rietveld

Houses of the Century
Anatxu Zabalbeascoa
In this house the ideas of the De Stijl group were realised. The house contains of light stainless steel, primary colours and horizontal and vertical planes. Most of the internal partitions are movable, allowing various combinations within the same area. According to the use of lightweight structure the separation between the interior and the exterior could be limited. On the picture you see the kitchen of the house (with the Zig-Zag chairs). The window which provides daylight for the kitchen table and the worktop is placed from side- to side-wall.  

Fallingwater, Bear Run, Pennsylvania 1935
Frank Lloyd Wright

Houses of the Century
Anatxu Zabalbeascoa
This famous house is a fusion of architecture and nature, which is typical for Frank Lloyd Wright's style. The concrete structure is founded on rocks. Although the heaviness of the building, the horizontal terraces cause for a different (light) look. The interior of the building seems to look like a furnished cave. The terraces are not the only ones who cause the horizontal impression of the house. Also the windows which are places in horizontal strips cause this impression. On the picture on the right you see the interior of the living room illuminated by a big horizontal window in the facade.  

A House in Buderim, Australia 
Lindsay Clare

Country Houses
Tropical climate and hot sun has influenced the design of this house. Three rectangle, distinct but connected units, within each its own function, form the structure of the house. Windows are placed on the north side of the house and the iron roofs have large overhangs to make sure the rooms don't get to hot. Lindsay Clare pays a close attention to materials and colours but also to the passage of the sun and de direction of the wind. On the picture on the right you see the bedroom with its direct contact with the natural surroundings. You can see the simplicity of forms and materials.  

Industriële Bakkerij Bruinhart NV, Beveren, België, 1993-1995
Ronny De Meyer & Lut Prims
Jaarboek Architectuur Vlaanderen 1994-1995
Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap


This industrial production hall is build out of aluminium elements. The hall is 123 meters long, 30 wide and 6 high. An office floor has been built at half height in the middle of the hall as can be seen on the left photograph. The right photograph shows the interior of the office floor. Horizontal windows have been placed to provide for daylight. The windows have the same standard dimensions as the other elements in the structure so they can easily be integrated.


Eigen Woning en Atelier, Ellezelles, België, 1990-1997
Stefaan Onraet en Ann Dever

Jaarboek Architectuur Vlaanderen 1996-1997
Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

The architects converted this former village school next to the church into a house and studio for themselves. The structure of the building and the former division of rooms has been retained. To optimize through-views new windows were introduced which greatly changes the character of the building. The right photograph shows the interior of the office. Windows nearby the office desks provide for daylight on the workplace. Artificial light coming from the intersection of the walls and the ceiling makes sure the distribution light in the room becomes more equable.