A House in Noosaville, Australia
Gabriel Poole

Country Houses
Gabriel Poole built this house and office for himself. The main materials that were used are white metal for the structure, grey wood for the walls and glass, all very industrial so the structure of the house is easy to be recognise. The house is designed to function in a hot climate with sometimes sub-tropical rains. The skin of the building is dynamic in many ways. Air flow, light and sight can be regulated. The different heights of the sloping ceilings causes opening for glass strips. These openings create a variety of shadows and overall clarity. This can be seen on the photograph on the right.  

Private residence, Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania, 1980
Hugh Newell Jacobsen

GA Houses 17
A.D.A. EDITA Tokyo


The front of the designed house is traditional. The other three sides have a more futuristic look. Each unit in the house has its own function. Windows are placed from the floor to the roof by each unit to provide for enough daylight. This can be seen on the left picture. Reflective glass was used to ensure enough privacy. On the right photograph the interior of a bedroom under the roof can be seen. The walls and roof are white so the room gives a very diffuse and light impression.